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We are a couple trying to conceive

We are a lesbian couple and wish to have a child

I want to be a single mom

I am interested in social freezing

Fertility preservation e.g. before chemotherapy or surgery (Fertiprotekt)

Making your wish to have a child come true is our greatest desire.

Being a family at last!

For many couples, having a child together is the greatest wish they have for their partnership. But there are many reasons why this desire does not always come true by natural means.

These are exactly the couples our practice in Gelsenkirchen takes care of. We are a team of experienced specialists from all fields of modern reproductive medicine and have named our practice “Kinderwunschpraxis” [“Practice for women with a child wish”] to reflect our commitment to fulfilling this desire for a child.

But in this difficult phase of life, couples are not only in need of specialist knowledge. They also need empathy and psychological assistance.

At our practice you will find more than just healthcare specialists.

We unite state-of-the-art technology with heartfelt caring and medical expertise.

People with worries need someone to cheer them up.
People in a crisis need someone to help them step back for a wider view.
People in fear need someone to encourage them.
People with questions need someone who can provide the answers.
People in trouble need someone to provide calmness.
People in uncertainty need someone to show them the way.

We take care of your special needs!

This is the secret of our success.

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Das 1999 gegründete Kinderwunschzentrum Gelsenkirchen wird seit Januar 2022 in zweiter Generation von den erfahrenen Reproduktionsmedizinerinnen Dr. Sandra Stettner und Sarah Suttor geführt.

The Gelsenkirchen Fertility Center, founded in 1999, has been managed by the experienced reproductive physicians Dr. Sandra Stettner and Sarah Suttor since January 2022.

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