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The Page for Men

Fertility Treatment Always Involves the Couple

This is true irrespective of the source of the infertility. In fact, in half of all cases the problems lie with men and the other half lie with women. It is also relatively common that both partners show minor fertility constraints.

Even though the woman has to invest a great deal more time, it is important that both partners are involved in the treatment and the decisions made along the way. That’s why we urge you to make use of our consultation and information offers any time you wish. Of course you are very welcome to accompany your partner to any appointment when she comes to see us. This is the only way to make well-founded decisions that are supported by both partners.

Semen Collection

One third of the men find it difficult and emotionally straining to produce semen through masturbation. We hope that you will feel at ease in our so-called “Men’s Chamber”. Your partner is also welcome to join you in this room, if both of you wish.

Men should also abstain from sexual activity for 3 to 5 days before delivering a semen sample to ensure the best possible result.

If you should still find it difficult to feel comfortable, let us know so that we can find a suitable alternative. For example, there are no objections against collecting semen at home if it can be delivered to the laboratory within 30 minutes. If you choose this option, please make sure that the sample is maintained at body temperature during transportation.

If you know beforehand that it will not be possible to provide semen on the day of ovulation or follicle puncture, cryopreservation of the sperm samples might be an alternative – as long as there aren’t any compelling medical reasons that speak against it.

Evaluation of the Spermiogram

We always perform the semen analysis according to WHO criteria and the latest quality standards.

The quality of semen varies regularly as it is influenced by a number of factors. Therefore it should always be examined, especially if irregularities have been found previously. Usually, a so-called sample preparation is recommended to determine the long-term fertilization capacity of the semen.

Discussing the Results

One day after providing your sample you can speak to one of our biologists or lab assistants on the phone to find out the results. Following this, you can discuss the results and your personal treatment options with one of our doctors.

Could your sperm sample be confused with someone else’s?

There are always concerns that samples could get mixed up at the laboratory. We understand these fears and take them very seriously. However, please be assured that we implement numerous integrated safety measures and checks to ensure that this will not occur. This is also the reason why additional documentation is necessary if samples are collected at home.

What to do if quality disorders are detected in the semen analysis?

We know that many men with sperm disorders struggle with feelings of poor self-esteem and often associate poor sperm quality with sexual failure. However, from a medical point of view, there is no relation between fertility limitations and sexual performance.

It is our professional responsibility as physicians to identify and treat physical deficiencies. In fact, modern reproductive medicine is able to counteract male fertility disorders. (INS », ICSI », Success Records »)

How can sperm quality be improved?

There are many factors that influence sperm quality. This makes it generally unlikely that sperm quality will improve by eliminating only one single interfering factor.

Of course, tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption are harmful. You are more likely to produce high-quality sperm if you maintain a normal weight, eat a healthy and balanced diet and keep yourself physically fit.

When is your presence essential for the treatment to progress?

After a couple’s initial consultation » there are only a few other appointments at which you need to be present, e. g. for sperm collection. In the context of an artificial insemination or IVF treatment, you will be notified of the precise day and hour approximately two days in advance. Generally speaking, other treatments can be planned about one week in advance, allowing you to make your arrangements ahead of time for relevant days.

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