Due to a technical malfunction, you cannot reach us by phone at the moment. In urgent medical emergencies, please use the practice emergency cell phone.

Contact Data

Kinderwunschzentrum Gelsenkirchen
Wissenschaftspark, Pavillon 8, 1. OG
Munscheidstr. 14,
45886 Gelsenkirchen

Phone: +49 (0) 209-1671470
Fax: +49 (0) 209-1671471
Email: info@kinderwunsch-gelsenkirchen.de

We are situated in the “Wissenschaftspark Rheinelbe,” which is located in the Ückendorf district in the south of the city of Gelsenkirchen. Visitor parking is available in the underground parking garage. The parking addendant at the “Munscheidstraße” main entrance will be glad to help you.

Availability by phone
Mo, Di, Do 7-16
Mi u Fr 7-14

Opening hours practice
(by telephone agreement)
Mo 7-17
Di u Do 7-18
Mi u Fr 7-14