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Sexual Medicine – Consultation and Therapy

Sexuality is a basic human need! It satisfies our need for closeness, acceptance, trust, intimacy and passion, not to mention our reproduction.

Sexuality is something very natural, although it is not always perfect in nature. Sexuality can become dormant, fail to develop or become damaged by negative experiences, such as work-related stress, changes in your relationship or your family. Also the phase of life that you are in, or disappointments, like infertility, among many other factors can affect your sexuality.

Sexual medicine treatment concepts, based on your personal history, offer you the chance to experience and live out your sexuality as something fulfilling and passionate.

Everyone finds it uncomfortable to talk about sexual issues at first. Still we ask you to pluck up your courage and let us know if you have trouble with your sex drive, desire, orgasms, erections, ejaculations, or if you have any other reason why you are not satisfied with your sexuality.

Sexual medicine is not covered by the national healthcare system. Therefore, you will be charged 85 € for each sexual medicine treatment lasting 50 minutes.

If you are interested in experiencing a more vibrant and satisfying sexualility, or if you just want to know more, simply set up an appointment with Ms. Espeloer.

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