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Achieving greater things together!

Each member of our team is important, and is challenged and supported according to their skills. Trust, confidence, open communication and the ability and possibility to criticise form the basis of our successful teamwork.

Continuous training and further education of all professional skills go without saying, and this enables us to benefit from each other at all times. This also creates a high degree of satisfaction with our work and a balanced state of mind which we are happy to pass on to our patients.

Success through Quality Management

We continuously analyse the quality of our results. By constantly optimising our processes, we are able keep our pregnancy rates at an exceptionally high, above-average level. Earning external certifications is also important to us.

Success through Openness and Transparency

We openly advise you at all times of your results, and inform you of the latest medical findings. This puts you as a couple in the position of being able to make well-founced decisions based on understanding the facts so that you feel secure in whichever way your decision happens to go.

Success through Presence und Empathy

  • We will be at your side right from the start with in-depth talks and the opportunity to clarify anything you want.
  • We always have an open ear for your concerns and questions.
  • We will be at your disposal 24 hours a day.
  • We will stick by you through phases of frustration and disappointment.
  • We will listen to you and take anything you say seriously.
  • We will also celebrate with you when success comes.

Making your wish to have a child come true is our greatest desire!

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