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Quality Management

For you, our quality management system is the guarantee of an excellent “baby-take-home-rate.” This means that the probability that a pregnancy will also lead to a birth is especially high with us. (Success Records »)

This we ensure through continual further development of our skills and by employing recognised, well-established medical methods.

Quality management is a natural part of our daily work. For us, it is the attitude we take. We live and work by it every day, we always keep at it and we are regularly prepared to take responsibility.

The positive feedback we have experienced from independent professional auditors, reproductive medical specialists und reproduction biologists, has motivated and pleased us during certification audits. We do not mind at all when experts take a closer look at us, and we have always benefited from it.

This is our latest certification audit » .
See for yourself!

We adhere to the quality assurance guidelines set by the Medical Association and also participate in the voluntary quality documentation within the framework of the German IVF Register. Certificate »

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