Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and
Acupuncture during Embryonic Transfer

General Information

The harmony between the polar opposites Yin and Yang is viewed as the central principle for a healthy life according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Our lifeforce (Qi) flows between them through channels called meridians. They are not only connected to each other, but also to the body's organs and their individual functions.

TCM offers several different methods for channeling these life currents in a positiv way. For example, personalised medicinal preparations, nutritional consultation or acupuncture may be considered. Such treatments can increase fertility in both men and women.

Treatment procedure: you have a choice

We have a close and successful cooperation with the state-accredited naturopath Frau Nicole Hildebrandt ». She normally works in her practise in Duisburg, but she regularly offers treatments in our practise too. After a detailed initial consultation, additional treatments are personalised to meet your needs.

Acupuncture during Embryonic Transfer

Moreover, you always have the option of having an acupuncture treatment on the day of the embryonic transfer (ICSI », IVF »). Current research shows that this has a positive effect on pregnancy rates. (Download: Paulus Studie, 2001 » ). If you choose to have this treatment, you should come to our practise 20 minutes before the planned embryonic transfer. For this treatment, acupuncture needles will be placed in your body and ear. The procedure will be repeated immediately after the transfer, so please plan for the entire process to take 90 minutes.


Due to the fact that accupuncture treatments related to infertility are not covered by the national health services, these costs must been covered privately.

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