General Information

Hypnosis has a long-standing tradition as a therapeutic method. For many centuries, suggestion and trance rituals have been an important aspect of healing processes.

Scientific research has rediscovered these techniques in recent decades and has been able to show that hypnosis (trance) can be highly effective when used in the areas of traditional medicine, psychosomatics and psychotherapy.

Hypnosis can help infertile couples going through fertility treament achieve a positive attitude and inner tranquillity. This technique can be extremely helpful during the various difficult and stressful phases in life.

During the therapy, you are brought to a level of consciousness similar to the state you are in shortly before you fall asleep. This is a technique that you can use later on your own. Your focus is turned inwards so that you can learn to utilize your inner resources to solve issues independently and more easily. You are able to end this trance-like state at any time.

The purpose of hypnosis is to teach you a technique that allows you to independently resolve personal issues and questions.

Treatment Procedure

Following an extensive initial conversation with Dr. Ina Walter-Göbel, the individual hypnosis sessions last 50 minutes. The extent and frequency of the sessions is reviewed on an individual basis.


You will be charged a fee of 85€ for each session.

We invite you to make an appoinment for hypnosis with Dr. Ina Walter-Göbel in our practise.

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