General Information

Like can be healed by like.

Homoeopathy, as first developed by Samuel Hahnemann around the beginning of the 19th century, is based on exactly this principle: the so-called law of similars.

This means that homoeopathic substances that cause problems can be used to help heal if applied using highly diluted preparations. This is a theory that traditional medicine finds hard to accept. However, successful applications prove that this method works.

We like to use the powers of homoeopathy in a complementary manner – exactly at those points where traditional medicine reaches its limits and a gentle healing is needed from the inside out.

Treatment Procedure

The most traditional form of homeopathy seeks to find a "constitutional remedy" for each individual person.

This remedy not only reflects all the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of the individual, but also takes their personality profile into consideration

It is worth it finding out what this remedy is. It is used as a base preparation and a single dose is given. Initially we wait to see what reaction this has before giving the next dose, or adjusting the remedy.

In recent years, there have also been studies showing the effectiveness and worthiness of homoeopathic treatments for infertile couples, as a compliment to traditional medicine.

It is possible to treat only one or both of the partners.


As most healthcare providers now recognise the use of homoeopathy, they cover the costs involved within the limits of a special contract. However, you will need to cover minimal costs of purchasing the remedies, as these are not usually covered by healthcare providers.

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